Tri-Parish Catholic Churches
of Beach, Golva, and Medora, North Dakota

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May God continue to bless our people, our parishes and our diocese, as we strive to be Ambassadors for Christ here in western North Dakota.
Bishop of Bismarck, Most Reverend Paul A. Zipfel

Who is the Good and Faithful Steward?

Living Stewardship in Word, Sacrament and Service
To be Ambassadors for Christ, who live Stewardship in Word, Sacrament and Service.
This is the mission statement of the Diocese of Bismarck.

We have heard the saying that we are to give - Time, Talent, and Treasure. Living stewardship means sharing with others  out of justice and
love. It means being generous, not stingy , with our time, our talent and our financial resources. In our pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple's
- Response, the bishops of the United States offer the following definition:

A Christian steward is one who receives God's gifts gratefully,  cherishes and tends them in a responsible and accountable manner, shares them
generously in justice and love with others, and returns them with increase to the Lord.
A  Christian  steward is a disciple of Jesus Christ who incorporates four essential  virtues  into  his  or  her  daily  living:  gratitude,  
responsibility, generosity and the willingness to  give back with increase.
Stewardship begins with discipleship. First we must freely accept the Lord's call to  follow him without counting the cost.  In order to respond
wholeheartedly to Jesus'  invitation, We must let go of our dependence on the things of this world.

joys of  living  stewardship.
Bishop of Bismarck
Most Reverend Paul A. Zipfel                               
The condensed version of Bishop Zipfel's
Pastoral Letter on Stewardship
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seeking not to be served but to serve.  As faithful stewards of Christ’s mission, we do not wait to be asked; rather we
look for ways in which we can serve the Lord.  When stewardship becomes a way of life, our lives are directed toward
God in heaven.
As we renew our commitment to the Stewardship way of life, may each of us respond generously with our
time, our talent, and our treasure and continue to always know, love and serve the Lord.  The guide below
"Time, Talent, and Treasure," will help you identify your unique gifts that will enable you to
best serve the Church and the Lord.  In Christ, Copied and condensed from Fr. John Silva
Pastor of Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Daylight, IN

Lists of time, talent, and treasure.                                        Examples
Volunteer for church activities                                         Church Breakfasts
Volunteer with church Building and Grounds                  Up keep and maintenance
Volunteer with church Communications                          News letter/ mailings
Volunteer with church Education                                     Adult and child study
Volunteer with church Family Life                                  Church picnics
Help with church Finance                                                Cash giving
Aid with daily / Sunday Liturgy                                      Readers/Servers
Volunteer with church Prayer;                                         Pre-Mass Rosary

Time example:
Given without salary with your unique gifts that will enable you to best serve the Church and the Lord.
Talent example:
Using your God given talents such as a master craftsman which could be used to earn a salary but is also
given to best serve the Church and the Lord.
Treasure example:
Charitable giving at year-end can result in extra tax savings. You can be a good steward of God’s gifts,
help our parish with long-term financial planning and save on your taxes, too. In order for your gift to
provide tax savings for this year, it must be received by December 31.